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Why Is Mercury Retrograde So Popular? We Asked An Astrologer & Here's What They Said

I mean, it was known as the Age of the Aquarius after all. Then, in the 1980s, there was another revival of interest in Mercury retrograde thanks to, of all people, Nancy Reagan — yes, President Ronald Reagan's wife. "Nancy Reagan [was] open about having their own dedicated astrologer serving cosmic advice while Ronald Reagan was president," says Mckean. Here's Why You're So Obsessed With Mercury Retrograde Well, to quote Bob Dylan, "When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose." It's this mentality that's leading more people — millennials especially — to astrology. "According to the New York Times, though the rise of New Age practices , including astrology, are trendy, and it's also one of ways that millennials are acknowledging that the current system isn't working," says Mckean. "They're willing to try and see what else could make life a little more meaningful and bearable. If the mainstream isn't working, why not look at the fringe?" Basically, can the study of astrology and belief in Mercury retrograde, as well as the retrogrades of other planets, perhaps, offer some insight into a future? Between The Internet & Social Media, Mercury Retrograde Found A Home In Pop Culture We also live in a time where access to astrology is, well, far more accessible. Not just because we can easily read our horoscopes online , but we can educate ourselves about what the placement of planets and stars really mean to us here on Earth. "Access to astrology has also become more and more available, with dozens of free apps and blogs online," says Mckean. "Interestingly, the first spike in interest about Mercury retrograde in 2009 coincides with the boom of social media sites as news sources like Facebook.

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